Well, the number of pharmacy robberies in now at 53 for the Pine Tree State. The CVS pharmacy on Capital Street in Augusta was robbed of drugs for the second time this month and for the third time this year. It’s the second time in three days an Augusta drug store had been hit.
Another milestone, in Augusta, it’s the 9th pharmacy robberies this year. More than any city in the state. Statewide, pharmacy robberies are more than double last year's total.  Last year was a record setter at 24 and was up slightly from 2010 with 21. The only real 'up' side in all of this, so far, no one has been hurt. But as the number of robberies increase, so does the likelihood 'something' will happen. There was one robbery this fall in Pittsfield when the pharmacist had had enough and refused to hand over the pills. The person just left the store.