Major League baseball tested out some new rules during this year’s Arizona Fall League. There a six of them that were tested as a means of speeding up the game. Boston Red Sox David Ortiz is not too happy with them.

The one he is most outspoken about is rule where the batter has to keep one foot in the batter's box between pitches. He says that rule seems go in the pitchers favor. He says he likes to get away from the plate to clear his mind and try to figure out what the pitcher is likely to throw next. If the batter doesn’t abide by the rule they are subject to a $500.00 fine. The only exception is if there is a foul ball, wild pitch or the umpire grants them a timeout.

Some other new rules Major League baseball is looking at:

Pitchers must throw a pitch within 20 seconds.

There will be a maximum break between innings of 2:05 but hitter has to be in the batter box by 1:45, if not they get a strike called against them.

Pitching changes will be limited to 2:30.

Trips to the mound will be limited to three visits other than pitching changes.

Pitcher will no longer have to deliver four balls for an intentional walk. The manager will signal the umpire and the batter goes to first.

There is no commitment on these rules by MLB and no pan to use them this year during spring training, but they are evaluating the rule to see how they worked out during the AFL season.