Cheryl Hunter of Lebanon, Maine had one of the toughest decisions that most of us have faced at one time or another, having to euthanize a pet. Cheryl had adopted Tilly, her Japanese Chin, from an animal shelter in 2008.The dog required expensive surgeries for bladder stones. Hunter had tried special diets, and frequented vets, but the dogs problems didn't get any better.

After five years she decided that Tilly needed to be put down. She had already financed two surgeries and the dog needed a third one. The owner couldn't afford Tilly any longer and she thought no one would want such an expensive dog.

This past Tuesday night, she gave Tilly a last supper of steak tips and ice cream and on Wednesday morning she said goodbye to Tilly one last time.

The animal shelter called Hunter only to tell her that Tilly had been saved!

Just moments after she dropped Tilly off, an employee with the Cocheco Valley Humane Society arrived at the Animal Health Center to pick up a stray cat, which had been found, given free surgery,and set up for adoption.

That employee also saw Tilly and learned about Tilly's health issues and the cost of the surgery. The employee said they could find a home for Tilly. The Animal Health Center performed the surgery for free.

Tilly's bladder stones were removed on Thursday. Then on Friday, Tilly was brought to the Cocheco Valley Humane Society to be set up for future adoption.