One, two, three, four, four legs are what a goat is supposed to have, but a goat born in Croatia has eight. Unusual, yes, but there is a reason. Veterinarians say the goat gets its extra legs from an undeveloped twin.

Not only does the goat, named ‘Billy the Squid’, have the extra legs from its sibling, it has its reproductive organs too. Billy the Squid has both male and female organs and the goat’s owner Zoran Paparic says he would like to keep the goat if it survives.

When Mr. Paparic first saw the goat he thought he was seeing things and had to call a neighbor to make sure he wasn’t crazy. He says it’s a miracle of nature and refers to it as an octogoat. The goat that gave birth to ‘Billy the Squid’ gave birth to two healthy baby goats

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