Ted Richards from England wants to look like his pet parrots and he’s well on the way. He has had his eyeballs and face tattooed to look like a parrot and now he has gone one step further.

Richards has had his tongue split, 110 tattoos over his entire body and on his face of colorful feathers and 50 piercings. The latest in his quest to look like a parrot is having his ‘ears’ cut off. He had both ears removed to have a smooth ‘side of head’ because parrots ears don’t stick out.

He is now planning to find a surgeon that will turn his nose into a beak. He started with his first tattoo in 1976 and since continued with modifications to cover most of his body. He has four parrots but wants most to look like his ‘green winged macaw’ ‘Ellie’ and his ‘harlequin macaw’ ‘Teaka’.

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