After watching way too many crime shows I've compiled a list of common storylines that just about every show does at least once. Feel free to add on if I've missed any.

-Murder on a golf course.
-Murder of a guy with 2 families.
-Body found in church to cover up the fact that a high ranking church official committed a crime years ago.
-Murder at a prep school where the victim is always the kid there on scholarship.
-Death of a military member where there's a conspiracy about a friendly fire incident.
-Murder of 1 member of a polyamorous relationship.
-Cult member killed RIGHT after leaving the cult.
-Jury member killed during trial.

-Murder inside prison so one detective has to go undercover.
-One detective is framed for murder and every single piece of evidence points to them.
-A person one of the detectives is dating ends up being a killer (seriously, detectives on tv have TERRIBLE judgement when it comes to significant others)
-Evidence gets thrown out due to technical error and they spend the whole episode trying to find more.
-Pop star harassed ends up being the bad guy.
-Rapper gunned down. Every sign points to rival. Murderer ends up being his manager.
-Detective bonds with foster child in case, considers adopting but family member is found at the last second.

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