Dan Ryder, director of the Success and Innovation Center at Mt. Blue High School in Farmington has been named one of the top educators in the country and according to his students, it is well deserved. Students can't pinpoint one specific thing that makes Ryder such a great educator, they say there's something about him that makes them want to learn.

The Success and Innovation Center is not like anything you'll see on regular campuses, it's like a library mixed with a counselors office. In the program students can come into his room anytime during the day and get help with anything going on inside or outside of school. They have described it as a problem-solving lab for all students and faculty. His methods have become so successful, he's even written a book titled, Intention: Critical Creativity in the Classroom.

Congratulations to Dan Ryder on all your success and wish you the best as you continue educating the students of Maine.

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