We are less than a week away from Christmas and it got me thinking back to some of my favorite Christmas memories. I'd love to hear some of your favorite Christmas memories too! One of my favorite Christmas memories is while growing up in Lewiston.I lived in Lewiston from birth until 10 years old and one of my favorite Christmas memories was when our family would go downtown to Peck's Department Store. Not only did they have Santa Claus, they had the Christmas Pond, where children would get to cast their line into the pond and fish out a gift.

I wish I had photos of my pictures with Santa at Peck's.

I also just really remember going store to store on Lisbon Street in Lewiston with my mother. We'd take the city bus from our home on Pettingill Street and hit the stores like Woolworth's and there great lunch counter! We'd always stop at Lamey Wellehan for boots and shoes, the Barefoot Trader for jeans and corduroy pants and shirts.

Of course they were the memories of decorating the Christmas Tree as a family and watching the cats destroy the decorations.

It's amazing how long ago that all seems, my Mom, Dad and sister Mary are all not with us anymore and Christmas can now be a very difficult time for me.

I would trade the best Christmas present I ever received, if I could relive one more Christmas as a family. My favorite Christmas memory is remembering the time being with my family.

Those memories are so important to hang onto, so cherish the memories that you and your family make this Christmas!