According to a report on the WMTW website, firefighters from several towns are currently battling a blaze at the largest landfill in the State of Maine.

Old Town's Juniper Ridge landfill is owned by the state, but it is managed by Casella.

The initial call came in at around 9 PM and firefighters from Old Town arrived shortly after.  The fire was bigger than initially thought, so extra help was called in.  As of early this morning, crews from Bradley, Alton and Hudson were also on the scene.

According to the article, it is unknown if any of the smoke coming from the fire could be toxic.

Max Kukurudziak via Unsplash
Max Kukurudziak via Unsplash

Casella Waste Systems is a regional waste (garbage) management company that operates in Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Pennseylvania, and Maine.  The business was started in the small town of Rutland, Vermont in 1975.

As the story goes, Doug Casella started a small trash pickup business using a truck he had bought with money he saved from his high school job.  A year later, as the business grew, Doug was joined by his brother John.

The website goes on to say:

The brothers, influenced not only by that unique spirit of New England frugality, could also see the future – and in 1977 built the company's first, and the state's first, recycling facility in Vermont. It was an inspired vision, one that anticipated the opportunities around resource renewal as well as viewing waste management as an integrated set of services – collection, recycling, transfer, and disposal.


You can learn more about Casella's services HERE

We'll keep you updated on what is going on with this story.

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