It looks like the Central Maine area is in for some heavy rain as September rolls into October.

According to the National Weather Service, a slow-moving cold front will produce heavy rainfall across the region tonight (Sept. 28) and Wednesday, Sept. 29. The rain will actually start during the evening of Tuesday, Sept. 29, and stay heavy at times throughout the day on Wednesday, Sept. 30, before gradually tapering off in the later afternoon. The forecast calls for approximately 3-5 inches of rain, with higher amounts in some areas. The forecast also calls for winds starting off at 10-20 mph, increasing to 20-25 mph later in the afternoon.

Because of the heavy rain in the forecast, the National Weather Service has issued a flood watch for most of Central and Southern Maine. The weather service is advising residents to continue to monitor forecasts and anyone living in areas prone to flooding should prepare to take action should flooding develop.

Here is the radar image from the National Weather Service as of 4PM on Tuesday, Sept. 29, 2015.

National Weather Service Radar Image from 9/29/15