Maine's growing craft brewing industry has suffered a tragic loss.

According to a post on the company's Facebook page, Jeff Powers, the co-founder of Skowhegan's Bigelow Brewing Company, has passed away.  It appears that he died suddenly, on Tuesday night.

Not surprisingly, the post explains that Pam, his wife, and their entire team are still trying to come to terms with the loss of such a great, hard working, man.

The post says, in part:

Jeff's spirit of generosity and kindness could be felt in everything he did. He always put others before himself, making sure that everyone was taken care of at Bigelow. His passion for serving his customers and community were unmatched.
We appreciate your support during this difficult time as we mourn the loss of our friend, mentor, and leader Jeff.

According to the brewing company's website, the Bigelow Brewing story started back in 1989 when Jeff's wife Pam got him a brewing kit.  After his first batch, Jeff was hooked and told Pam he was going to open a brewery.  Fast forward a couple of decades and Bigelow Brewing Company was born.

Since the company was launched, one of the things that set the Bigelow Brewing Company apart was just how much Jeff, Pam, and the entire team have been invested in the Central Maine community.  Between doing brews to help with local charities to their work preserving historic buildings.

The Facebook post goes on to say that there will be a memorial service for Jeff from noon to 5 on Saturday, September 30th.  The service, of course, will be held at Bigelow Brewing Company, on Bigelow Hill Road, in Skowhegan.

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