Usually this time of year we see a spike in gas prices in Maine and New England, but this season we're seeing the prices at the pumps fall.

The latest price report from show prices fell 6.2 cents per gallon in New Hampshire, to an average of $2.61. In Maine, the average price was $2.68, down 6 cents per gallon. Prices in Vermont were down 5.6 cents, to $2.70 a gallon.

That's 22.7 cents down from last year at this time, and 14 cents from just last week!

In fact, the national average has fallen about 7 cents in the last week, down roughly 13 cents from a month ago and 17.8 cents lower than this time last year. reports refinery utilization in the U.S. is at it's highest level since January, meaning there's plenty of gas to meet the summer's high demand at the moment. They also cite cheaper crude oil as a factor.

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