It looks like parts of Maine could be in for severe weather today (July 18th).  We could see severe thunderstorms, flooding, and hail.  There is also even a chance that we could see a tornado.

According to the meteorologists at WGME, the really bad storms will roll into Western Maine on Tuesday afternoon.  The greatest chance for these storms will be between 2 PM and 10 PM.

These storms have the chance of bringing damaging winds, lightning, and downpours to an area.

The article explains that they are slow moving storms.  As a result, they could linger over an area for quite some time, dumping a lot of rain.  This, in turn, could lead to flooding.

Clearly, take the necessary precautions like rolling up your car windows and staying inside while the storm is going on.  Also, never attempt to traverse a flooded area.  It may seem like it is only a few inches deep, because of the surrounding terrain, but it could actually be much deeper.

Additionally, it is expected that the smoke from those Canadian wildfires will be more intense than it was over the last few days.  Instead of just being a haze, there is a good chance that it will be more visible and you may be able to smell it.

Malachi Brooks / Unsplash
Malachi Brooks / Unsplash

Just like with the thunderstorms, please take the needed precautions.  If you are prone to breathing issues, it is suggested that you stay inside and avoid strenuous activity.  And, of course, please keep an eye on our more vulnerable loved ones.  Small children and the elderly.

The National Weather Service has posted an article giving more details about how you should handle an air quality alert.  You can check out the article HERE

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