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Do you have a son that is going to college or moving out to their own apartment and are very confused as to what to get them? Here are some ideas for you so you don't have to think.

Amazon by Toshiba

Playstation 4: perfect use for gaming and streaming. Well worth the price. With the use of netflix, hulu, and all the other streaming services, you don't need to buy cable.

Amazon by Sony

Cuisinart GriddlerI have one of these and it honestly makes cooking so much easier. So easy to clean and use plus it comes with a recipe and instruction guide. I HIGHLY recommend this product.

Amazon by Cuisinart

Headphones: This is something all young men and women will use, being able to listen to music while doing homework or just working from home without disturbing their neighbors.

Amazon by Onodio

Portable Vacuum: I thought it was a little ridiculous when my mom recommended this for me, but it has been my most used cleaning device by a mile. I love this thing.

Amazon by Moer Sky

Finally, here are links to streaming services, Netflix, Hulu, and Crunchyroll.