While Maine has some amazing golf courses, there is a big downside to being a golfer in New England - the playing season is short.  Most courses open in April and are closed by the end of October.

That means, for about six months of the year, you're stuck using that putting green you have in your basement.

What about simulators?

Sure, most golf course clubhouses have a couple of those high-tech golf simulators, but they never have enough to accommodate the number of golfers who want to keep their skills up.

That's where Sim City Golf comes in!


Matt Aylward / Unsplash
Matt Aylward / Unsplash

According to Maine Biz, Maine golf pro Brian Bickford, and his partners, have been inviting golfers of all skill levels to their golf simulator center on Larrabee Road in Westbrook.

The article explains that the Westbrook location currently has eight super high-tech golf simulators that allow people to play in varied conditions on some of the world's most famous courses.  On top of that, they are networkable.  So, you can play with people from every corner of Maine (or the world).

Now, the company is planning to expand.

The company just signed a lease to occupy a space at 930 Stillwater Avenue in Bangor, according to MaineBiz.  The space had previously been the home of Wight's Sporting Goods.

The plan is for the Bangor location to have four golf simulators, the article states.

MaineBiz says that the company also plans to open a spot in Old Orchard Beach.  The OOB location will be a sublease in the Birdies Grill & Tavern on Saco Avenue.

The hope is that both locations will be open by early November.

You can learn more about the business and all three locations on their website.

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