We're living in a time when you literally can't be too careful when it comes to threats or actions from others that don't seem quite right. Basically, if you see something, you should say something.

According to an article published by WGME 13, school staff found a firearm inside a student's backpack at Noble High School in South Berwick, Maine on Monday.

Jay Rembert, Unsplash, STOCK PHOTO
Jay Rembert, Unsplash, STOCK PHOTO

They are reporting that the student who allegedly had the firearm did not threaten anyone with it. School officials say that they found the gun in the backpack after searching the student's possessions after being accused of vaping on school grounds.

This means that if school staff hadn't been looking for the vape paraphernalia, the gun would likely have gone unnoticed for the duration of the school day.

Noble High School, which is part of MSAD 60, advised parents of students that this appears to be an 'isolated incident' and that the student in question will not be allowed to return to any property owned by MSAD 60, according to WGME.

WGME goes on to explain that MSAD 60 serves the towns of South Berwick, North Berwick and Lebanon, Maine.

This is a developing story that we will keep updated as more details are made available to us.

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