A large number of harbor seals have turned up dead on the beaches in Southern Maine.

Experts are a a loss to explain why so many harbor seals, mostly pups, were discovered on Bayview and Kinney Shores. 30 dead harbor seals have washed ashore on southern Maine beaches and NOAA has been called in to help determine what is causing the deaths.

Researchers are in the process of determining how many dead seals have washed ashore in southern Maine this summer. In Saco, the seal carcasses were in various stages of decomposition and their ages varied widely, although most of the animals were pups.

According to pressherald.com that is a high concentration of dead seals in a small area and according to an expert from the New England Aquarium in Boston it's very unusual.

Tests on five of the seals show they may have died of the flu. Another possibility is a shortage of the fish harbor seals feed off.

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