If you like to be scared, and who doesn’t, here is a list of places in Maine that is a ‘Tour of Terror’ to check out. Some of the creepiest and scariest places in the state. Perfect if you're looking for a scary Halloween. Here are a few on the list.

Colonel Buck’s Cursed Tomb in Bucksport is where the Colonel condemned a witch to burn at the stake and a curse was set upon his tomb to bear the mark of the witch’s foot for all of eternity. The witch’s leg was the only thing that survived the burning. The tombstone was replaced twice to try to get rid of the leg but it keeps coming back.

Fort Knox in Prospect is a fort that never saw a battle yet they say many ghosts of Maine soldiers roam the dark hallways. SyFy’s ‘Ghost Hunters’ explored the fort in 2011 and concluded it is very, very haunted.

Steven Kings House in Bangor is the home to Maine native and Master of Horror Steven King. The place just looks scary from the spider web gate with little creatures to the Gothic look of the home.

The White Lady of Brownville Road, Maine Route 11 as you cross the Green Bridge west of Millinocket, you may be greeted by a ghostly woman all dressed in white. As legend says, 50 years ago a newlywed couple traveling the road swerved off into the embankment and the husband went for help only to return and find his wife gone. She still roams the road searching for her hubby.

Route 2A, Haynesville Woods has a country song written after it by Dick Curless about one of America’s and Maine’s most haunted roads. U.S. Route 2A is the Maine road hauling potatoes from the County and one of the most dangerous roads in New England. Over the years the road has claimed many lives and some of those are said to still remain.

The lyrics to the Dick Curless song go like this: ‘It’s a stretch of road up north in Maine/That’s never, ever, ever seen a smile/If they buried all the truckers lost in the woods/There’s be a tombstone every mile’.



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