The Poland Spring Resort in Poland Maine, features a beautiful golf course, two inns on the property, a lodge and 11 cottages. A gorgeous getaway in Androscoggin county for a little rest and relaxation.

Or, is it?

The Presidential Inn was built in 1912 and offers amenities for the whole family; a movie theater, game room, and even a kids playroom. Oh, and ghosts, apparently.

According to an account from a Trip Advisor user, this inn is "CREEPY!" The review noted that everything in the inn appeared old, which makes sense considering it is old. The reviewer stayed in the "Herbert Hoover" room but felt it was way too creepy. The old photos of dead presidents and heavy steel doors were too much for the traveler and they asked to be moved to a different room.

Okay, so maybe creepy vibes don't mean it's necessarily haunted but wait, there's more!

Haunted Bar Guide explains that Hiram Ricker haunts the property. Ricker, grandson of Jabez Ricker who founded the original inn, allegedly believed the water from the nearby spring "possessed curative properties" and that when he passed, he never left.

It doesn't appear that Hiram is alone on the property either.

There have been reports of hitchhiking ghosts on Route 26 near the property, according to Haunted Bar Guide. One is reportedly a bride who was hit by a car on her way to her wedding and the other a girl in a prom dress. (Any other 90's Nickelodeon fans reminded of this episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark? Just me? Okay.) It's been reported that these fancily dressed gals will accept rides and then vanish.

Perhaps the bride is the rumored "Lady in White"?

Getty Images
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Ghost Web appears to be a website stuck in the last decade and a half but features a photo of some sort of apparition thought to be the infamous Lady in White.

There's even a 2009 article from the Sun Journal about her. A police officer in Mechanic Falls stopped to assist 16-year-old driver, David, who was flashing his headlights after midnight. David spoke of a female he had picked up; a woman between the ages of 20 and 24 dressed in white. She asked for a ride to a church on Route 11. She climbed in and asked David to hurry as she was late for her wedding. While making small talk she mentioned seeing a cop car coming, said goodbye, and vanished.

Simply creepy vibes from an old building? Perhaps. Hauntings of an original owner clinging to his family's business? Maybe. A lost bride desperate for the opportunity to say her vows to her love? Who knows? But if you're looking for a weekend getaway with the added bonus of some spooky friends, the Poland Spring Resort might be the perfect destination.

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