Lee Brice is coming in concert at the Augusta Civic Center on Saturday, March 19th. I had a chance to talk to Lee this morning on the Morning Buzz on B98.5.

He is looking forward to coming to Maine during his 'Life Off My Years Tour'.

This is the first chance I have had to talk with Lee and he is a very down to earth guy. You can tell when you talk to someone what kind of a person they are, and I have to say I am a bigger fan of his now.

He called right on time and was very conversational and easy to talk to. He is the kind of guy you can sit with and have no problem with conversation as he talks freely and on a variety of subjects.

I had to limit my time with him because he was ready to walk into the recording studio, but I wish we could have talked more. (I'm sure he would have liked that too)

Get your tickets now for the Lee Brice concert with Dylan Scott and Clare Dunn. They are on sale at the Augusta Civic Center box office between 8 and 4:30. You can call at 626-2405. You can also get tickets through Ticketmaster.

Tickets are between $32.75 and $52.75.

Listen here for the Lee Brice interview with Randy McCoy and the Morning Buzz on B98.5.

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