There are very few things worse than the commute to work. It's a mind-numbing experience that always takes longer than it should. The endless stopping and going, spilling of coffee, anxiety-fueled rage at other drivers, all with the knowledge that a whole day of work is ahead of you.

At least we Mainers don't have it too bad. It's a hell of a lot better living here than in a city, where a 10-mile commute can last for hours. I couldn't tell you how quickly I would have an emotional breakdown if that was my life.

While Maine doesn't have too many spots of bleak traffic, there still are some pretty rough commutes. These mostly have to do with the state's remoteness, and how far a driver might live from their place of employment. I'm sure there are plenty of folks who still have quite a drive, even without your classic traffic congestion.

This got me wondering what regions of the state may have the worst drives. Would it be the more rural communities, where businesses are much more spaced out? Or could it be the coastal Southern Maine spots that deal with morning commute and tourism traffic? Maybe it's just the town of Wiscasset, because of its one road and a certain in-demand restaurant?

Well, thanks to our friends at Stacker, we don't have to wonder anymore.

Below is a list of Maine's counties and the average commute times. The info was taken from the most recent US Census, and breaks it down in a pretty in-depth way.

So, what Maine counties have the worst commute?

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