Our long national nightmare is over. Football season is finally back.

This means football on Saturdays for the rest of the year, and on Sundays until mid-February, 2024. I don't know what we do to deserve this present in every year, but I will make sure to always take advantage of it.

There are few things more American than football. Heck, it's even in the name, "American Football." The sport itself is a microcosm of this amazing country. It's tough, gritty, spastic, and full of ego-filled lunatics. What is more American than that?

While we all love the action on the field, football season is much more than that. The sport also brings family and friends together. We spend time with one another enjoying the games and good company. However, there's one thing that always makes these gatherings better: gluttony.

Football was invented to be enjoyed while stuffing our faces with delicious food and beverages (adult ones preferable). The classics like chicken wings, nachos, pizza, burgers, cheesesteaks, and basically anything else fried are true staples of a good weekend of football-watching. Plus, who doesn't want to wash that down with a tall cool one?

With this in mind, it got me wondering where Mainers enjoy stuffing their faces during the game. Where do you Patriot fans (and fans of lesser teams, I guess) go to watch America's real pastime (baseball? lol), while chowing down and cheering loudly?

That's why we put out the call to you on our social media. We wanted to hear about those places in Maine that are Patriot and football meccas.

The reaction was great. Below is a list of many of the locations given to us. The results included sports bars, pubs, pizza joints, and entertainment centers from around the state. It's a wonderfully diverse look at where Mainers love watching their Patriots, the rest of the NFL, and college football.

How many of these places have you been to? Where is your favorite place to watch the game?

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