Depending on where you are in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, or Massachusetts, you may have noticed the skies are looking a little odd.  Maybe a little hazier than you would expect for the first part of May.  Yeah...  What's up with that?

Well, we have the answer!

According to a report on the WGME website, this strange weather phenomena is caused by fires burning THOUSANDS of miles away!

The smoke from these wildfires, which are currently burning in Western Canada, is being carried across the continent by high altitude winds.  As the fires continue, and the winds continue to carry the smoke our way, we can expect the skies over part of New England to remain a little hazy.

Max Kukurudziak via Unsplash
Max Kukurudziak via Unsplash

On the plus side, as the smoke is being carried by high altitude winds, it will remain high up in the atmosphere and will not affect air quality.  It will just make the sunrises, sunsets, and moon look a little strange.  And, depending on where you are, it may make the sky look a little hazy.

According to the New York Times, those Alberta fires have burned over a million acres, so far!  The fires have destroyed dozens of structures and forced the evacuation of about 30,000 people.  Fortunately, though, it does not appear that anyone has been killed or injured by the fires.

Hopefully, the fires will be brought under control soon.

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