Here at the radio station, we really love our local Sam's Club store.  Over the last few years, the entire team at the Augusta Sam's Club has shown us how much they care about our community by how willing they are to help us with our annual Camp Out Hunger food drive.  Not only do they allows us to camp out in their parking lot, they also make massive donations over the course of the nearly week-long event.  We appreciate all they do!

Then, of course, there's what the store has to offer.  It really is more than just gallon jugs of Fireball, pallets of creamed corn, and crates of ramen noodles.  The store has computers, TVs, home security systems, stuff for your patio / yard, clothing, books, and much more.

And then there's the cafe.  It's a great place to have lunch because, not only is the food good, it's cheap, too.  My daughter's and I can have a really good lunch for less than $10.

Speaking of that specific amount of money, right now you can become a member for only $10.

According to WABI, the company is celebrating the 40th anniversary of Sam's Club by knocking $40 off the price of a regular membership.  So, instead of costing $50 for a year, it is only $10!  What a deal!

And, if you have friends who are Sam's Club super fans and are always talking about how you need a "plus" membership, they are discounting those, as well. Plus memberships are being discounted to $70 for the first year instead of the normal $110 price point.

We've seen Sam's Club offer membership discounts before, but because this is a birthday celebration, they are doing a few other fun things.  The article explains that, on April 15th, members will be able to get a free sweet treat and a fountain drink.   Sam’s Club is also adding a limited-time birthday cake sundae to its cafe menu for $1.58 and, in honor of the fact that the first Sam's Club opened in 1983, they will be selling special 80s merchandise.

Maine Sam's Club locations include Augusta, Bangor, and Scarborough.  New Hampshire locations include Concord and Hudson.  Find your nearest Sam's Club on their website.

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