If you are a glasses-wearer you are probably familiar with the common problem of foggy glasses.  Normally, this is a problem when going from temperature extremes.  Like coming inside after spending a significant amount of time outside in the winter.

As we are now in the age of the COVID-19 coronavirus, you may have realized it is also an issue when wearing a mask.


Check out these tips to avoid having your glasses fog up when wearing a mask, courtesy of Post Gazette:

-Wash Them With Soap And Water - Just before you plan to put on your mask, wash your glasses with soap and water.  Let them air-dry before wiping them down with a tissue or soft cloth.

-Anti-Fog Spray - These easily obtainable sprays are frequently used by skiers and snowboarders.

-Fold Down Your Mask - Doing this will cause your "breath" to escape your mask farther away from your glasses.  The warm, moist air from your breath can cause your glasses to fog.

-Fitted Nose - Some masks already come with a flexible top that allows you to mold it to the contours of your face.  This prevents too much "breath" from escaping from the mask.  That warm breath shooting upward toward your glasses can cause them to fog up.  If your mask does not have this, you can do it yourself with pipe cleaners.

-Folded Tissues - Stuffing folded tissues into the top of your mask will absorb the moisture from escaping breath.


Have any tips for us?  Send a message through our app.  And, please be safe!

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