For the first time in several decades, it appears that Maine is in the direct path of a hurricane.  According to the National Hurricane Center, which is tasked with tracking hurricanes and similar storms, Hurricane Lee will roll into the Gulf of Maine as a Category 1 hurricane late Friday or early Saturday.

Because of the concerns about damage caused by the storm, Governor Mills has taken certain precautions.

According to WMTW, Governor Janet Mills has declared a State of Emergency in preparation for Hurricane Lee.

On the assumption that the storm could cause significant damage to Maine's coastal communities, she has also asked US President Joe Biden to enact a preemptive Presidential Emergency Disaster Declaration for the State of Maine.  That allow the state access to federal resources and personnel ahead of the incoming storm.

The article explains that the proclamation says that the storm could pose an:

an imminent threat to public safety as well as damage to public and private property.

We will continue to keep you updated on the progress of the storm.

At this time, please take necessary precautions.  Have bottled water and some extra food on hand.  Make sure all of your devices remain fully charged and check to make sure your generator (if you are lucky enough to have one) is ready to go.

And, if you live in a low lying area or live near the ocean, be prepared to evacuate if the need should arise.

Even though it has been decades since Maine has come face-to-face with an actual hurricane, we had a brush with a significant storm about a decade ago.  In October of 2012, Super Storm Sandy wreaked havoc up the East Coast of the United States.  Here in Maine, it caused over 10% of the population to lose their power, it caused damage to hundreds of homes, and caused the cancellation of dozens of airline flights.

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