My morning show partner Sarah posted a video about changes she would like to see about school scheduling. I completely disagree with what she is saying.

One point she made was that high schoolers start too early (7 a.m.). To me high school is the place to get kids ready for the real world and in the real world we get up early to go to work. Of course, if you work the late shift you don’t have to get up early but most of us ‘in the real world’ work the day shift.

The other suggestion she made was to get rid of February vacation. ‘Nope.’ Kids brains need a break, time to refuel, take a breath, step back for minute, relax before the big push to the end of the year with exams coming and final grades to be made.

Just because it snowed a lot this year and kids had snow days, doesn’t mean that is going happen like that every year. So what if the kids have to go to school a couple of days more than usual to make up the time. Most kids in other countries go to school year round.

I like the schedule the way it is, but then again, everyone has their own opinion.



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