Back to school is getting closer and closer and your child may be little worried about starting this school year. The back-to-school jitters are something that happens to kids of all ages but here are some things you can do to help them.

If they’re starting a new school or new grade with new teachers ask your child what is worrying them or if they are nervous about starting school. Opening a dialog with them can calm them down.

Do a dry run a few days before school starts. Whether they ride a bus, drive or walk, take the route they will take. You can also remind them the first day school can be very exciting as well as a little scary.

Watch what you say out loud about school. Stay positive. Explain how friends can help them through the first day or meeting new friends can be very exciting.

The night before the first day of school can be great time to get kids ready. Pack their backpacks, pack their lunches, set out their clothes and give them a good breakfast in the morning. The night before can set an exciting mood for the next day.

Most of all reassure your children how much you care about their feelings. Encourage them and make sure they know you can’t wait until they get home so they can tell you all about their first day of school.

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