You really could not miss the fact that Central Maine got slammed with some really heavy rain on Wednesday morning.  Early in the morning, it was cloudy, kind of humid, but cool.  Shortly after seven, the skies OPENED UP!  It poured BUCKETS for the better part of an hour.  But, by late morning, it was beautiful.

That being said, it rained hard enough to cause some damage in Central Maine.  We've already heard that a sinkhole opened up in parking lot of Augusta's Ballard Center.

Now, according to the KJ, we are hearing that there was some damaged done to a street in Hallowell.

The pavement on Winthrop Street, near the intersection of Winthrop and Water Streets, appeared to ripple and warp following the Wednesday morning rainstorm.  The experts are saying that they believe part of the city's storm drain system leaked, causing the problem.

The article quotes a representative for the city as saying:

Anytime you’ve got that amount of water coming down so quickly and such pressure coming off the hill down here, these kinds of things can happen when fittings and infrastructure are so old. The water pressure can cause things to move.

The article explains that engineers will review the problem on Tuesday.

Between 6:50 and 7:50 AM, the area reportedly got an inch of rain.

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