Dustin Lynch's mama has met his girlfriend, Kelli Seymour, and she loves her.

"That's so cool to see," he tells Taste of Country laughing. "That hadn't happened yet."

The pair have been together for about a year, long enough for Seymour to inspire songs on Lynch's new Tullahoma album and long enough for her to be sick of the album before it was even released. The 34-year-old jokes about the latter during an interview with Taste of Country Nights. Watch the full interview above to see him dishing on Seymour's influence on the album, as well as the mini crime spree that inspired his most recent hit, "Ridin' Roads."

Talking to Taste of Country, Lynch reveals that he reached out to her on Instagram and they arranged to meet before and after his show in Bakersfield, Calif.

“I was like man, if she’s super weird and she sucks I can just tell her to have a great time and enjoy the show," he recalls. "But that would be a nice neutral, easy, disarming kind of hang. And my band and crew guys are so hospitable I knew they’d make it fun.”

Seymour is a small town Mississippi girl who now lives and works full-time as a model in Los Angeles, so the meetup was convenient for them both. They hit the town for an hour or so after the show, "And she wasn’t weird, so we decided to hang out again, and thank God I wasn’t weird to her,” he says.

The relationship has progressed to the point that if he's not working or on the road touring, Lynch is in L.A. with Seymour. She visits his new property in rural Tennessee, as well. That's what "Country Star" from Tullahoma is about, he says. Florida Georgia Line's Brian Kelley co-wrote a song that finds him outdoors enjoying a beautiful night. That hasn't happened yet, he shares: "But I'm working on it."

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The current single from Lynch's new album is "Momma's House," and during the ToC Nights Live interview, he talks a lot about his parents and the way they've handled his fame. It's adorable to see him getting a little big nervous when confronted with his mother's dance moves. He's more anxious talking about that than skinny dipping, which happens at the very beginning of the conversation.

Taste of Country Nights Live is an extended interview series with country music superstars like Miranda Lambert, Jason Aldean and more. Hosts Evan Paul and Amber have a way to get artists to loosen up before diving deep into their music and personal lives. Watch an interview with Luke Combs below.

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