A mom is looking for advice in a now-viral post on the Parenting Subreddit.

She recently attended a birthday party for her 6-year-old daughter's classmate at Build-A-Bear Workshop.

Mom notes that the invitation to the party said that each kid would get to make a bear. She knew BAB does get pricey so she contributed $30 to the event.

Once in the store mom insisted her daughter keep her bear fairly basic, again, because things get pricey. She said about half the parents there had the same talk with their kids.

This is where things get...odd.

The 6-year-olds and the parents left the store together which is when the mother of the birthday girl announced that this is when everyone could give their bears to her daughter.


Have you ever taken a stuffed animal away from a 6-year-old? Ever try to do that after they picked one out, placed a heart inside of it, stuffed it "to life", and picked out an outfit?

The disgruntled children reluctantly obeyed direction and proceeded back to the birthday girl's house for the rest of the party where she proceeded to play with all her new stuffed animals.

Mom did give in update about the whole ordeal after she spoke to the birthday girl's mother who stated she just wanted her daughter to have a special animal decorated by each one of her friends.

See the original post below:

So what do you think? Was it reasonable for the mother to assume her daughter would be receiving her own Build-A-Bear? Was the birthday girl's mom in the right for having the kids give their bears to her daughter as a gift?

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