It was just a few years ago that food trucks (in Maine, at least) served up just the basics - burgers, chicken tenders, hot dogs, and fries.  Now, they are like mini five star restaurants.  Maine has food trucks that serve up everything from poutine, to shawarma, to tacos, to fall off the bone ribs!

And, those trucks seem to be everywhere these days.  No longer are they just at fairs, festivals, and at the local little league fields.  These days, most towns and cities have some places that are set aside for food trucks to set up shop.

Some places are even holding food truck festivals

In fact, the Augusta Elks Lodge has announced that they plan to bring back their food truck festival this summer.

In a post on their Facebook page, they have announced that Food Truck Friday: Beats and Eats will return to the lodge on Friday, July 7th, 2023.  As in years past, the event will be held at the lodge on Civic Center Drive in Augusta.

Jon Tyson / Unsplash
Jon Tyson / Unsplash

Some of the food trucks that we can expect at this year's event include Bao & Beyond, Fresh Ella's Ice Cream, Winga Dingahs, Roaming Eats, and Farenheit 225 BBQ.  Additionally, they have announced that we can expect to see some new food trucks at this year's event.

In addition to all the great food from the food trucks, there'll be some amazing live music from a great local band.  Right now, it looks like they have The Tourmalines booked.  But, it would not surprise us to see them add additional acts.

Tickets to get into the event will be just $5.

You can get more details HERE

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