Following the departure or longtime executive director of the Augusta Downtown Alliance, Michael Hall, the alliance has been working behind the scenes to fill the vacant role.

Hall, who led the alliance for eight years, according to the Kennebec Journal, left the position to take a job with the City of Waterville with their community development branch.

Since the, the Augusta Downtown Alliance has found and hired a new Executive Director. According to the Kennebec Journal, it's been announced that Jeremy Ashlock, owner of 'Juiced' in downtown Hallowell, has taken the position.

Heather Pouliot, ADA board member, said in part about Ashlock's hiring,

“It’s hard to explain just how perfect Jeremy is for this position. He has local knowledge and relationships, has a diverse background in owning his own business and working as a consultant, is committed to the downtown and the city as a whole and has a ton of great ideas already brewing.”

Victoria Abbott, President of the Board of Directors, told the Kennebec Journal in part,

“We conducted an extensive nationwide search to find the best candidate to lead our organization, and Jeremy Ashlock stood out as the ideal choice,” said Victoria Abbott, president of the alliance’s board. “His passion for community development and proven leadership skills made him the perfect fit to guide us forward.”

Jeremy went on to say about taking the new position in Augusta,

“With my consulting for the space project set to wrap up soon, I was already looking for my next role. The difficulty we faced in filling the executive director position served as a call to action for me. Sometimes if you want to see something done, you need to step up and walk the walk.”

“A good heart keeps us going — it reaches out to all parts to ensure the entire body stays healthy. I think our downtown can play a central and vital role as a unique place that our city can rally around.”

“I’d like Augusta to be in the position to look forward to the future and position ourselves for continued growth, opportunity and place-making, while thoughtfully retaining the core identities of our rich history. How do we craft an intentional, deliberate vision that works for our city, and then bring it to reality here in downtown Augusta? My work will be centered around that question.”

Ashlock went on to tell the Kennebec Journal that his business, Juiced, in downtown Hallowell will continue to function 'business as usual'.

Jeremy said that the juice bar, which has been in business since 2014, has a great team of people and a general manager who handles the day-to-day operation.

The Kennebec Journal said that Ashlock's new position with the Augusta Downtown Alliance will come with a starting salary of $60,000.

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