Typical sizes of clothes are small, medium and large but there is a Japanese company that has sizes that are rather insulting. Fatyo offers sizes in Twitch, Skinny, Fat and Jumbo and the company says they’re not trying to be insulting.

Fatyo says they are trying to flip the meaning of the word fat, in other words ‘fat’ means ‘cool’. Being fat, wanting to fat, striving to be fat is cool. Japanese clothing companies do have unusual labeling sizes at times but these are quite descriptive. Japan has the lowest obesity rates in the world. In fact, per Japanese health coverage, employees get their waist lines checked annually and are sent to counseling if the scales tip too far. The government even passed a law about gaining weight setting a maximum waistline size for people over 40 at 33.5 inches for men and 35.4 inches for women.