Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, Kane and Katelyn Brown and....Jelly Roll and Bunnie Xo?! It's not a huge stretch of the imagination: The "Need a Favor" star and his wife have talked about recording a duet.

But don't get too excited yet, because it seems there are still quite a few kinks to work out before these two ever step into the recording studio. During a mid-November episode of Bunnie's Dumb Blonde podcast, which featured Jelly Roll as a special guest, she revealed that he's the one holding up their potential collab.

"I have asked you to do a duet for years. Before any of these f--king couples were doing it. And you know what you told me? You said, 'No. With my luck, you'll f--king outshine me,'" Bunnie tells her country superstar husband.

"Which you do in everything we do!" Jelly Roll retorts. "...I've become an accessory."

But according to Jelly Roll, there's one other reason why he's saying no to a duet with his wife. "Well, you want me to do dirty Christmas songs," he quips. "We're never gonna win a Grammy doing dirty Christmas songs."

A little backstory here for the uninitiated: Every holiday season, Bunnie puts out her very own Christmas song, and you guessed it -- they tend to be a little risqué. Last year's was "Bring Your Package to Me (Christmas Screw)," a NSFW riff on "All I Want for Christmas is You." Fans are still waiting for Bunnie's 2023 Christmas tune.

Jelly Roll may not be winning a Grammy with his wife anytime soon, but he does stand a shot at bringing home a golden gramophone for other material in 2024. The singer is currently a two-time Grammy nominee. He's in the running for Best New Artist, and his Lainey Wilson duet, "Save Me," is nominated for Best Country Duo/Group Performance.

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