Love is unconditional and can take many shapes and forms -- a universal idea used to weave three separate storylines together in Jerrod Niemann's new music video for his beautiful ballad, 'Only God Can Love You More.'

Directed by Eric Welsh and produced by Karen Martin, the clip for 'Only God Could Love You More' illustrates the absolute love between a husband and a wife during two different stages of life, as well as the unconditional connection between mother and child. A heartfelt performance from Niemann ties the entire video together as one of the most sincere releases of the year.

"Everyone who has heard the album, this is always the song they bring up," Niemann says of his current radio single (quote via the Boot). "We didn't put any harmonies on it and used my original tracking vocal. 'Lover, Lover' had a bunch of harmony parts, so I thought it'd be a nice change to have zero here, especially with the French horns and the other orchestral things we have going on."

'Only Could Could Love You More' was co-penned by Niemann, Lee Brice and Jon Stone and is currently Top 40 and climbing. The track is the second single from Niemann's 2012 'Free the Music' album, which features the Top 20 country hit, 'Shinin' on Me.'

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