During a chat with The Boot at the 2019 Hometown Rising festival in Louisville, Ky., Jimmie Allen talked about how his engagement to Alexis Gale changed his tour routine and expanded his vision for the wild outfits he wears on the red carpet.

Allen, 33, got engaged to Gale, 23, in July at Disney World. Since then, Allen went from feeling terminally single to behaving like his married bandmates while on the road.

“I was single for a lot of my life,” Allen says. “I’d have a girlfriend for three or four weeks or a month or two, so I got used to after a show, play PlayStation and worry about myself. My band would call their wives after the show. Now, I find myself doing the same thing: Calling and checking in. Now my band, they do stuff I don’t do. They’ll call their wife before they buy like a pair of jeans that’s like $60. I just buy it. They’re like, ‘You don’t run it by Lexie?’ I’m like, ‘No! She don’t have to run it by me. If there’s something you want to buy, buy it.’”

Although Allen says his significant other is handling most of the wedding plans, he’s in charge of upping his reputation as one of the sharpest dressers at industry events.

Allen teased a self-designed, Revolutionary War-style suit, bedazzled with diamonds, for the big day. Before then, fans will see Allen in a suit for the Nov. 13 broadcast of the 2019 CMA Awards that, per his vague description, will pay homage to Michael Jackson.

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