You may have noticed I wasn't able to join Buzz during the morning show this past week. It wasn't by choice and I would have much rather joined him.

So, where have I been? Am I home with my kids as they are home from school because of the quarantine? Am I sick? Do I have COVID-19?

Yes, I've been home with my kids and husband because welp, I've been sick..

I woke up from my afternoon nap on Sunday with the chills and just felling "off". A quick test of my temperature resulted in a slight panic. Now, I'm not sure how your thermometer works but ours beeps aggressively when you have a temperature. You guessed it.. Que aggressive beeping.

After a couple minutes in panic mode, wondering If I myself have the coronavirus and crying at the thought of everyone I had come in contact with in the past 14 days. I jumped on the phone to find out what my next steps should be. Medical professionals and myself were confident it was more then likely Influenza B.

Monday came with a trip to express care. There I was greeted to an empty waiting room.. My wait wasn't too long because of this, really it was a dream come true in what seemed like a nightmare. Once in the triage room the doctor and I discussed my symptoms and settled on testing me for Influenza B, that's what it HAD to be, right?

A 15 minute test turned into 45 minutes. I could sense my anxiety spike as the same doctor who was in normal clothes just 45 minutes ago, entered the room in the full get up ..... "Don't panic, but your Influenza B test came back negative" she said.  As I'm sure you've figured out ... I PANICKED!!

Now hear me out, if you haven't had the pleasure of getting tested for COVID-19. You are the lucky ones! It was the most uncomfortable test I've had to date. Two swabs to my throat and a single, very deep swab to each nostril.. Ouch!  Next step, 48-hour mandatory quarantine for my whole immediate family, or until we got news of my results.

Not much happened between Monday and Wednesday other then a whole lot of sleep and a very vigorous deep clean to our house, that is until my phone rang with my COVID-19 test results....  I don't think I have ever been so relieved to hear the words NEGATIVE in my whole life!!! Since I am now cleared medically and feeling much more like my self, I cant wait to be back on your radio.

I want to send a personal Thank you to the wonderful team at Townsquare Media, they went out of their way to make sure I was okay and that I had everything I needed.  To everyone that reached out to check on me and to those that offered a helping hand in anyway. You are all true Angels!

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