According to WGME 13, a Maine man is in custody following a short spree of home break-ins followed by an assault on one of the home owners.

Authorities say that Lance Bradford, 34 of Levant, broke into multiple houses in Bangor on Wednesday. When he entered the second home he encountered the home owner who asked him to leave. When Bradford refused to leave an altercation ensued.

Sargent Wade Betters with the Bangor Police Department said,

“The victim did not know Bradford, nor had he given Bradford permission to enter his residence. The victim reportedly asked and told Bradford to leave multiple times, but Bradford refused to do so.”

The home owner and the suspect fought with each other until the home owner was able to get free and run to a neighbors house and call 911.

Bradford fled the house and ran to another building. He then attempted to jump out a window to the roof of another building but did not make it. He fell to the ground where police were waiting and arrested him without incident.

The suspect was charged with criminal mischief, assault and two counts of burglary.

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