Lindsay Ell may be country music's next great guitar slinger, but she's not ready to show off quite yet. Her debut single 'Trippin' on Us' lets her shine as a singer and storyteller. "Sneaky" is a good one word description of this song.

Like Sheryl Crow, she's not an overpowering vocalist. Her intimate coffee shop delivery is one you learn to appreciate after several listens. Ell protrudes confidence without the attitude. Her style is easy to access.

"Good bye heartache, catch you on another day / Got better things to do than cry, cry, no I won't / All my tears for you are gone / No more pain will I go through, oh, oh," she sings to begin 'Trippin' On Us.'

The 24-year-old speaks in everyday language during this song, but avoids coming across as cliche or trite. On paper, this lyric doesn't pop. But Ell's performance gives depth to a simple love story.

The chorus goes: "I had a good day / Sun shining on me / I met somebody got me trippin' on us, trippin' on us / I'm thinking crazy things / I don't know what they mean / But I like what I'm feeling, trippin' on us, trippin' on us / Trippin' on love."

It's a difficult landscape for new country females. You need to be interesting and memorable, but not too interesting or too memorable. Ell walks that fine line as well as anyone can. The electric guitar solos (presumably from her) add necessary grit, pinning this song squarely in the country category. Perhaps most importantly, this experienced young woman from Alberta, Canada doesn't seem like she's in a big rush. We're not overwhelmed with flash or unnecessary vocal effects. Her easy confidence powers 'Trippin' on Us.'

Key Lyrics: "Cover Girl lipstick / Kissed right off my lips / Ooh, ooh, let's do it again / Lovers laying all alone / Arm around me sitting close / Sure like this feeling like this, oh, oh" 

Did You Know?: Ell grew up listening to and imitating blues greats like Stevie Ray Vaughan and Eric Clapton, trying to pick apart their guitar techniques. A classic rocker first noticed her, however. Randy Bachman of the Guess Who discovered her as a 13-year-old future shredder.

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