If you're looking for a fun way for the whole family to burn off some energy while social distancing, I highly recommend heading outdoors for a nature scavenger hunt.

My family is going stir crazy, as I'm sure many other families are. Adults are multitasking while working their full time jobs and now add teaching to our long list of to do's. Kids are trying to adjust to their new normal and a world of unknowns.

By day 6 of social distancing, I knew we needed to get out of the house to burn some extra energy and take our minds off everything else, even if only for 30 minutes. I quickly threw together a simple but fun list of items to "hunt", we slipped on our mud boots and headed for the woods.

Belle (my daughter) was in charge of the list and checking things off as we found them and Logan (my son) came fully equipped with his binoculars to scope everything out high and low. Stephen (my husband) was clearly in charge of directing us safely through the woods and me, well I was in charge of not tripping over my own two feet! LOL. For real though, the clumsiness is strong with this one.

It might not have taken us long to find everything on our scavenger hunt list, maybe 15-20 minutes. We added more to our list while we hunted, and even got to enjoy a few silent minutes by the water. Its not about amount of time we spent, what mattered was the people we were spending it with. It didn't stop us from laughing together and truly enjoying our time as a family.

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