Even though the place has a lot to offer visitors during the summer months, the White Mountains of New Hampshire really come to life during the holiday season.  The area offers beautiful scenery, amazing restaurants, tax free shopping, skiing, and lots of fun things to do with the family.

One of the best ways to make some real memories with the family or that special someone is to check out some of the old-school holiday fun in the White Mountains.

The many resorts in the area feature activities like snowshoeing, s'mores by a fire pit, ice skating, and even horse-drawn sleigh rides.

Andrea Stark / Unsplash
Andrea Stark / Unsplash

Nestlenook Farm in New Hampshire

Located in Jackson, New Hampshire, Nestlenook Farm is like something you'd see in a Norman Rockwell or Currier & Ives painting.

While the resort features many fun things to do, one of the most memorable is the chance to take a horse-drawn sleigh ride through the snow.

According to their website, the resort offers several different options.  They have larger sleighs that accommodate a dozen people, medium-sized sleighs, and smaller sleighs that are perfect for a romantic ride with your significant other.

Each ride lasts between 25 and 30 minutes and costs between $25 – $75 per person.

If you chose to go earlier in the season before there is a good base coat of snow, they do still run the sleighs.  They just have them on wheels instead of runners.

Check out this video of some of the fun you can have at Nestlenook Farm.

Get more details about the resort at the website.

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