In a world where Hollywood must reboot classic movies and TV shows into an action packed slugfest, nothing is considered sacred. CBS has had relative success in this category with their Hawaii Five-0 reboot lasting 9 seasons and still being a ratings draw, and their recent success with the Macgyver reboot which has been renewed for season 3.

But now they might have reached as far as they can go. Magnum P. I. is one of the most well known tv shows in history lasting 163 episodes running from 1980-1988 skyrocketing Tom Selleck into stardom.

The reboot has cast Jay Hernandez as the main character Thomas Magnum (without the signature mustache), who, like his previous portrayal, is a private investigator. He is the inspiration for many famous fictional novels and enjoys a lifestyle of relaxation. However, when one of his buddies is killed he must figure out who did it.

The pilot was directed by Justin Lin, who is known for directing the Saw franchise and some of the Fast and Furious movies. You can watch the trailer below and judge for yourself what you think of this new endeavor.


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