As coronavirus-caused stay-at-home orders have lead to most people spending a lot more time at home, many people have started drinking a lot more than they had prior to March.  Regardless of your feelings on the subject, with many other entertainment options closed or cancelled, it's become an easy go-to pass time.  As a result, this does not surprise me much.

On average, how many beers does it take a Mainer to get drunk?

According to, people from Maine can drink the citizens of almost any other state under the table!

The national average number of beers someone must drink to feel "drunk" is 3.45.  However, here in the 207, it takes 3.88 beers.  The only two states with higher tolerances are Wisconsin (4.04) and Michigan (4.02).

On top of that, we have the lowest percentage of people that feel drunk after a single beer.  Only 11.5% of Maine's population.

These studies were based on regular, domestic beers with an alcohol percentage of 4.5%.


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