If it feels like the people of Maine have been riding a weather high since a spectacular Memorial Day weekend, you'd be right. Three consecutive gorgeous days to unofficially start the summer may have messed with our minds a little. But as any good Mainer knows, when Mother Nature giveth, she may also taketh away, and it appears payment may be coming due if you believe Keith Carson.

Shared on Twitter by Mike Haggett, a pair of forecast models are promising a harsh few days of the New England region. After a pair of lethally hot days, Maine will settle in to a weekend that will feature plenty of rain, including substantial downpours in some areas.

What the forecast models are calling for after that initial rain burst is a potential nor'easter. Spring and summer nor'easters are the same as winter nor'easters, minus the snowfall. If the storm develops as the models suggest, it could dump a ton of rain across the majority of Maine, leading to a litany of problems.

If the nor'easter does materialize and moves into New England as the forecast models suggest, all of Maine will need to be on high alert. The potential for flooding will be legit, with the state potentially getting what would normally amount to a month (plus) worth of rain in just a handful of days.

The nor'easter could also bring wind gusts which always opens the door for possible power outages, especially near the coast.

Keep a close eye on the forecast over the next few days, as the strength and severity of the storms will come better into ficus.


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