There are certain species that exist on this planet that are simply creepy and crawly. Many people have a strong dislike of snakes and spiders specifically. While they may give you goosebumps, people in Maine have been able to rest easy knowing that snakes and spiders in the Pine Tree State may look ugly, but they're not dangerous.

But according to both the University of Maine and Penn State University, that may not be the case any longer. Both schools have deemed that Maine is now the native home to a venomous spider: the northern black widow.

Before placing yourself in bubble wrap, while the northern black widow is a native inhabitant of Maine, its population is still extremely small. They are still more commonly found in southeastern Canada. But they are here in Maine, and have been found in both the central and southern parts of the state.

Northern Black Widow Spider
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Northern black widows can be identified thanks to their red hourglass pattern with a gap between the upper and lower halves. That distinct mark, plus the type of webs northern black widows weave, are their trademarks.

Northern black widows weave tremendous three-dimensional webs in dark, closed-in areas like rock piles, hollowed-out tree stumps, and potentially basements or sheds.

While black widow venom is known to be poisonous, northern black widow venom is less toxic. If you came into contact with a northern black widow and were bitten, you should still seek medical attention immediately.


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