One of the hardest parts of the anti-coronavirus social distancing has been the closure of Maine's schools.  Some of the people who have been most impacted by the closures have been the teachers.  They truly care for their students.  If they didn't, they never would have chosen teaching as a career.

One Maine teacher has found a great way to remind her students that she still cares for them.

According to WCSH 6,  Edna Libby Elementary School kindergarten teacher Mrs. Cutter has been visiting her students.

In order to maintain social distancing, the Standish school teacher drives into their driveways and, remaining outside their homes, she holds up a sign that reads "I MISS YOU!!! Love, Mrs. Cutter".

We all hope that things return to normal soon, so that Mrs. Cutter and other teachers can go back to interacting with their students face-to-face.

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