Sometimes we read headlines on news stories and we think to ourselves that there is no possible way that this isn't some kind of click-bait. And, we can assure you, that this is not.

According to a wild story (no pun intended) on WGME 13, a Maine man was shocked this week when he got into his car to head to work and several snakes were inside staring at him.

The news station is reporting that an Orland man, Robert Ortiz, was leaving his house last week just like any normal day. Ortiz then climbed into his car to leave like normal. Unfortunately, Ortiz forgot the most important part of getting into a car- always check for snakes in the air vents.

Yes, that literally happened. Ortiz said that when he got into the car he notices a snake sticking its head out of the air vent in the dashboard. As if that wasn't scary and shocking enough, Robert told the news station that he then saw ANOTHER snake curled up in the center console of the car.

But wait- there's more. Robert said that following the discovery of the first two snakes, his wife, who was riding with him, then spotted a THIRD snake that had begun sticking its head out of the passenger side air vents.

How exactly did these snakes end up in the car? Well, the initial speculation is that because Robert had his car parked in knee-high grass, the snakes thought the car would be a safe place to slither up into and hang out in.

Though it was surely a scary situation, the snakes, nor the humans in this story, were hurt. And, the snakes were carefully placed back into the wilderness.

Can you even imagine this happening to you? I hate snakes and I'm pretty sure I would have just died right there in the driver seat.

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