The topic of changing to Atlantic time is nothing new, in fact, the change was approved by the Maine House of Representatives in 2017. However, they included the stipulation that in order to fully pass, Massachusetts and New Hampshire would have to follow suit. Since that did not happen, it's up for discussion once again.

Maine legislature will be discussing the possibility of switching to the Atlantic Time Zone on Monday, which would do away with Daylight Savings Time. The bills in question are titled; "An Act To Opt Out of Federal Daylight Saving Time and To Ask the United States Secretary of Transportation To Place the State in the Atlantic Time Zone" and "An Act Regarding Daylight Saving Time in Maine" according to WMTW.

Those in favor of switching to Atlantic time argue that the benefit would be gaining an extra hour of daylight in the afternoon through the winter months, as well as not having to deal with the hassle of switching clocks twice a year.

If the bill is passed by the Maine House of Representatives the next step would be to get approval from The United States Secretary of Transportation.

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