Maine officials say they are seeking the public's help in locating a Maine mother who is wanted on a charge of 'criminal restraint by a parent'.

According to WABI TV 5, This all stems from a situation that developed Sunday evening in Topsham, Maine resulting in multiple Amber alerts.

You'll likely recall the mobile phones in your home going crazy with buzzing, flashing and loud alert sounds at around 10:45 on Sunday evening. That Amber alert is associated with the mother in question now.

Police say that 29-year-old, Danielle Dyer, was having a supervised visit wit her 11-year-old child on Sunday evening. The visit was happening in the presence of the child's foster care guardians, WABI reports.

During that visit, Dyer took the child in an unknown vehicle with an unknown other person and fled the visit. Police began searching immediately for the suspect and the child.

Police were then able to trace Dyer's phone to the area of Horton Street in Lewiston. This is a place people familiar with Dyer say she would frequently visit for drugs.

After being unable to locate the child or Dyer, police then requested an Amber alert be sent out. The alert, which went out at approximately 10:45 pm, was followed by a phone call to police from a woman saying that Dyer had left the child at her apartment in Auburn.

WABI goes on to report that the child was taken back into protective custody unharmed. However, officials were unable to locate Danielle Dyer. There is now an active arrest warrant for the 29-year-old on a charge of criminal restraint by a parent.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Danielle Dyer is asked to contact the Topsham, Maine Police Department at 207.725.4337.

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